Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Oh Mr. Snowman!

Need a giggle today? Make a no-snow required snowman! (No wet, cold mittens when you're done, I guarantee!) This little guy will brighten up your day and he won’t melt away either. Here in South Carolina, this is about as close as I’m going to get to a real snowman so I’ve got mine sitting in my window bringing “wintery” cheer to my kitchen!

This snowman can be really tiny or really big - well, as big as you choose according to the size of Styrofoam balls you purchase. My snowman is approximately 3.5” tall. I used two 1.5” Styrofoam ball for the Snowman’s head and upper body and a 2” ball for his lower body. Two chenille pipe cleaners form him arms and a cone of orange felt creates his nose. Shiny black beads give him a face and buttons. Decorate your snowman anyway you choose! You might find a tiny top hat for him in the doll section of a craft store, or you could make him a “her” and give her some curly white locks with fuzzy yarn. Hehe!

Here’s what you need:

2 small Styrofoam ball (1.5”)*
1 medium Styrofoam balls (2”)*
A strip of non-raveling fabric (fleece, velour or faux suede) for his scarf
1 brown chenille pipe cleaner
A small piece of orange craft felt
Black beads suitable sized to make buttons, smile and eyes
Craft glue (Beacon’s Fabri-Tac is a great glue for Styrofoam as well as fabric related crafts. It's like hot glue in a bottle!)

*Note - You might have three graduating sized Styrofoam balls in your stash, I didn't so I had to make do with two the same size and one small one.

Carefully cut a small slice off the 2" (or largest) ball. This is the snowman’s bottom part and it needs to sit level on the cut end. A single blade of an electric knife works really great for slicing Styrofoam - used by hand in a sawing motion.

Hollow out a small shallow scoop on the top of this ball, just deep and round enough to allow one of the small balls to fit into the depression. You can use a grapefruit spoon or paring knife to carefully scoop a little of the ball away. Tamp the Styrofoam down with your fingers to smooth. Apply a bit of glue in the scooped out place and set a 1.5” (or middle sized) ball in place. This is the snowman's middle.

Hollow out a small scoop on the top of that ball and glue the other 1.5" (or smallest) ball in place. This is his head.

Allow the glue to dry. Use a pencil or pen to mark and poke tiny holes in the top ball for his eyes, mouth. Do the same for the center ball to mark and make holes for his buttons. Make the holes just big enough to push the beads in, or a little smaller. Push the beads into the holes. I used two larger beads for the eyes and smaller ones for his mouth. You don’t need to glue them in as the Styrofoam should hold them in place just fine.

Cut two 4” lengths of brown chenille pipe cleaners. Fold the ends to make them look like branchy hands.

Poke the pipe cleaners into the sides of the middle ball to give him arms.

Cut a small pie shaped piece of orange felt. Apply glue to one side and roll it up to form a carrot shaped cone. Glue the cone to the snowman’s face to make his nose.

Decorate your snowman with a scarf! Any fabric that resists fraying works great. I used a bit of fleece cut into an 8” x 3/8” wide strip. I clipped the two short ends to fringe it. Thick yarn, flannel or felt works great too.

Ha! Cute, isn’t he? Sometimes I need to make a no-sewing project just for the fun of it. I have to remind my machines that they don't really own me even though they think they do. (Well, okay, they actually DO, but don't tell them I said that!) How about you? Wanna play with glue today? :-)



  1. 2016 Thanks for pattern idea for nose. I am making an Olaf snowman costume for an 8 month old granddaughter. Ma

  2. Thank you. I too, needed to know how to make a felt nose for a little sock snowman. Thanks for the tutorial.

  3. Actually, I didn't have any orange felt, but I did have some orange wool roving, so I needle felted it a little and then rolled it between the palms of my hand, and it turned out perfect, with a little pointy tip at the end.

  4. Brilliant! Even better with roving I bet as it would be thicker, I'll have to try that too!