Thursday, October 29, 2015

Steam Punkin

Steam Punkin!

Just a bit of silly to cheer up your day! Make a cutie-boo treat holder for Halloween goodies! Made with Riley Blake’s Happy Haunting line by Deena Rutter and byAnnie’s Soft and Stable foam stabilizer, this little project is really fast and super easy. Plus it’s guaranteed to get a giggle or two! (I’ve been fascinated with the crazy mechanical gears and gadgets of the steam punk style and am taking this opportunity to indulge a bit, ha!)

Here’s what you need:

Five 6” x 6” blocks of black byAnnie’s Soft and Stable
Four 6” x 6” blocks of your choice of Halloween fabric
Steam Punkin machine embroidery design from A Bit of Stitch
            (or design of your choice)
Appliqué fabrics backed with fusible web
Embroidery thread
Sewing thread
Heavy duty black wire (optional)
Temporary spray adhesive
Pinking rotary cutter or pinking shears
Needle nose pliers and wire cutter

Follow the appliqué instructions included with the design to appliqué the Steam Punkin design on one 6x6” block of fabric. You might find it easier to wait to cut this block to the 6” size until after you have appliquéd the design. Remove all stabilizers and press well from the wrong side.

Spray four 6x6” blocks of Soft and Stable with temporary spray adhesive. Adhere the embroidered block to one and the other three fabric blocks to the remaining three foam blocks.

Choose a fun motif stitch on your sewing machine. Beginning ½” from one side and stopping ½” from the other sew approximately ½” below one edge across each fabric covered foam block. Use any type thread – embroidery or sewing – in a color of your choice. When you are finished sewing, use a pinking edged rotary cutter or pinking shears to trim away a bit of the fabric edge, pinking the edge through both layers.

Sew an eyelet on two of the fabric covered blocks approximately 1” from the top edge.

Place two fabric covered foam blocks wrong sides together, pinked tops aligned with each other and sew together with a ½” seam allowance. Stop and secure your thread ½” from the bottom as shown below. Make sure the two blocks with the eyelets become the two box sides. One on the right and one on the left of the appliquéd front.

Continue sewing the blocks together in the same manner until you have a bottomless box. Pink all four sides as you did for the top. Press down hard when using a rotary cutter so you will cut through all layers cleanly.

Sew the remaining uncovered black foam block to the bottom edge with a ½” seam allowance. This is when you find out just how easy it is to use byAnnie’s Soft and Stable! It’s squishy and easy to manipulate under the foot of the machine.

Cut a length of heavy duty black craft wire. Poke the ends through the eyelets on the box sides. (Open the eyelets with an awl or the point of your snips first.) Use your needle nose pliers to curl the ends into a swirl on each side.

Smooth out the rest of the handle by placing it over something round, like a small oatmeal box, ball or any curved item of a usable size and shape.

Fill up with goodies and delight little (and big) visitors!

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