Thursday, November 12, 2015

Ho Ho Hey! Happy Holidays!

Well hello there! Have a treat, or two or three :-) 

Follow along with the "Steam Punkin" Stitch Bits blog post and make this super easy treat holder with pretty Riley Blake fabrics and byAnnie's Soft and Stable. I decorated my box sides with Ho Ho Hey holiday applique designs but you can use any suitable designs in your stash.

When I made this box I decided to experiment with fusible web beneath the fabric to make the box even sturdier. I ironed a piece of fusible web to my box side fabric, hooped it with the release paper intact and floated an additional layer of soft tear-away under the hoop before I began my appliques. I fused my appliques to the background fabric, just like I normally would because the release paper protected that area underneath. Once the applique was finished I removed the soft tear-away and the release paper.

Since I wanted to press my fabric on the top (to make sure the fabric stuck to my Soft and Stable box sides) I used a press cloth. A mini-iron made quick work of getting up close around the applique!

This box needed a different handle, something more festive than a wire one like I used for the Steam Punkin box. Ribbon covered packing strap worked perfectly! I just zigzagged two pieces of 5/8" ribbon together along the edges and then slipped a piece of packing strap in between the layers.

One of the nice things about packing strapping is that you can actually sew through it. (Usually! If it's super heavy duty that might not work so test first.) I sewed the ends of the ribbon to the box side with the handle facing down; flipped the handle up to cover the ribbon ends and top-stitched across the handle. I so do love a nice, neat finish!

These boxes would make awesome gift givers too - think of the things you could fill them with. Home baked goodies for neighbors, sweet necessities for shut-at-home folks or sewing stuff for your stitching friends! (I can see one filled with pretty thread or rolled up fat quarters...HINT Mr. Santa!)

Ho Ho Ho, y'all - make a box - give a grin and have a wonderful day!